Xiaflex – A New Drug To Reduce Penile Curvature By Injections

A new drug has been developed in America for men with Peyronie’s disease. Auxilium Pharmaceuticals, who are the manufacturers of the product, claim that it can cure patients from that uncomfortable condition that causes their penis to curve when erect, so much so that it makes sexual intercourse painful.

Around 5-10% of men are affected by Peyronie’s disease, however only a small portion of them have a more serious form of it. The condition can be caused by practicing vigorous sex that causes trauma and scar tissue build-up in the male organ. The new Xiaflex treatment can break this scar tissue down, reducing curvature.

Xiaflex was first created for treating Dupuytren’s contracture (patients can’t straighten their fingers), it involves injections and surgery that also comes with some risk of injury. That is why FDA only lets physicians who are well trained to use this method.

Until today, surgery was the main and most effective option for the sufferers of Peyronie’s disease. Unfortunately that often comes with side effects such as erectile dysfunction or shortening of the penis.

Peyronie’s disease, which got its name after F. G. de la Peyronie who was the physician to first describe it, has a number of other treatment methods, including stretching, injections, use of vacuum devices, laser surgery and electrical treatments. The condition is often hard on the sufferers who feel depressed because it’s hard for them to engage in sexual activities.

Ryan Berglund, a urologist at the Cleveland Clinic said that while we may joke about the issue, for a person in a relationship or trying to establish one, not being able to perform sexually is a very serious problem.

Xiaflex will only be recommended for those whose curvature is over 30%, however, it is not a cheap treatment – the price for the 8 necessary injections will be around $3,300. Still, after Auxilium announced tat their trials had been successful, their shares went up in the market.

Other medical experts remain cautious since Xiafles will not completely remove the problem, it will only reduce the curvature of the penis. James Tursi from Auxilium advised that after treatment, men should not have sex for at least two weeks.

Massage Techniques and Exercise For Peyronie’s Disease

Men who have Peyronie’s disease are well aware of the fact that this condition doesn’t just cure itself. However, it’s not hopeless since with the right massage and exercise techniques, it’s possible to find help. There has been clinical testing and the personal experience of men also proves that if these methods are executed regularly for a certain period of time, it is possible to straighten the penis, making it look normal. It’s also a good thing that all these exercises can be done at the comfort of your own home.

Exercises To Relieve The Symptoms Of Peyronie’s Disease

For straightening a curving penis, the best method is to do stretching exercises. However, first you need to warm up. Use a towel that has been soaked in hot water, wrap it around your penis making sure the head is covered as well and hold it there for around 5 minutes. This will relax the tissues and get blood flowing.

Then it’s time to start exercises. Do remember to do them every day, this is the only way your penis will get used to stretching and can slowly but steadily start transforming. Below are two exercises that have proven to give good results.

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1. Stretching

Get a hold of your penis just behind the head, pull it far away from your body. Keep it stretched like that for about 10 seconds before you slowly release it. Do the same but now try stretching your penis upwards, then downwards, right and left. Hold each position around 10 seconds. Start from the first direction and repeat the sequence 20 times.

Another way to do this exercise is to grasp your flaccid penis near its head. Have a strong grip, but just enough to still let the blood flow. Now, pull the penis as far from your body as you can. Hold it 5 minutes. Take a one minute break and continue stretching your penis upwards, downwards, right and left. Each time hold the position 5 minutes.

2. Milking

This “milking” exercise is known to deliver good results when it comes to adjusting the curvature of the penis and straightening it. Get your penis erect, then use your thumb and forefinger to form an OK sign. Grab the base of your penis and apply pressure. Now move your hand from the base towards the glans. Repeat this milking motion 10-15 times and take a break for a few seconds. Continue with the exercise until you have done it 200 times. Avoid ejaculation.


It’s true that stretching works well, however, if you want to see faster and better results, include massage in your daily routine. After you are done with your exercises, use your fingers to massage the affected area gently. You can use lubricant if it makes it more comfortable for you. Continue for 15 minutes after each exercising session. Massage will help to smooth the area that is affected by the plaque, it makes tissues soft and also removes some curvature.


What Else Can Help?

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What is Peyronie’s Disease

Peyronie’s disease is a connective tissue affliction concerning the improvement of fibrous plaques inside of the comfortable structure of the penis impacting as considerably as ten% of males. Especially, scarring forms within the tunica albuginea, the dense cover of tissues all over the corpora cavernosa top to soreness, irregular curvature, impotence troubles, indentation, reduce in circumference and a reduction in length. Gurus usually have problems in pinning down its correct triggers and a wide range of therapies have been employed but none of them give a straightforward get rid of.

It is initiated to lower the span on 1 segment of your dick to correspond with the other segment. This system is identified to get rid of the bend and established your penis straight when all over again. Soon after this peyronies disease treatment has taken place it will lessen the size of your penis in comprehensive.

Any treatment method you take really should tackle the essential troubles that create these kinds of as the plaques, the discomfort, the irritation, the penile distortion and the sexual functionality reduction and your common well being.


In current scientific tests Tamoxifen has enhanced soreness in about eighty for every cent of afflicted men. On the other hand only 30 per cent of males have viewed a decreased lump measurement and deformity when getting Tamoxifen. Tamoxifen is finest know for it truly is use in the cure of breast most cancers. It has somewhat several facet outcomes and numerous experts now prescribe it for Peyronie’s condition treatment method.

It is really ordinary for males to have well known veins on their penis. For some males, occasionally the appearance of veins is a result of inadequately working valves in their testicles. If you see your veins transforming in measurement or color, it really is time to see your pleasant urologist.

We have a great deal of operations available for this ailment, but the most popular ones are placation, prosthetic, and excision-grafting procedure. They are some of the penis surgical procedures employed for correcting penis curvatures they are successful in repairing this problem. The setbacks affiliated with them are the prospective hazards linked to them which I will explain to you beneath.

Wearing a style 1 medically authorised penis traction device for 2/3 hours for every day will assistance to right the curvature by 70%. While not as instantaneous as the previously mentioned approaches the advantages this normal system holds are types of security and no-risk. Most reasonable adult men would pick out a system that did not give a likelihood to deformity and impotency and a possible loss in penis size.

The curvature of the penis is ordinarily down to Peyronie’s disorder. It should be mentioned, alternatively than an ailment, this need to be seemed on as a syndrome. Commonly this issue happens when the chambers of penis build at distinct costs. This causes the penis to bend towards the slower developing chambers.